Rasta is consisted of knowledgeable & experienced forces in each professional fields. However, at the front page there is only the opportunity to introduce the heads of this collection. This company was founded by Mr. Sadegh Moghaddam as architect & Mr. Farhad Razzaghi as structure engineer in 2010.And In these eight years , as thecompany needed, some other professional members were added to the group .Of course each of these members were chosen carefully in a way can guarantee a long term cooperation.Our team consists of five different parts:designing,execution, installation,marketing,financial & international relations. Our colleagues in installation & designing work in atelier in office, and our other colleagues work at construction workshop. The connection between these two parts is project control field. In this way,the workshops will provide maps and info. for the workshop supervisors. Also each of other parts such as marketing, financial and international relations work separately in their related fields & they’re all working in the central office which located in an area of 200 square meters.Also it’s needed to appreciate the professors in architecture & other fields:Dr. Farhad Hooshi, Mahmoud Moghaddam , Tabatabaei (architect),Majid Razzaghi (mechanic) which their guidance will be along with the illuminator of this collection.

Farhad Razzaghi

CEO-Construction Management

Sadio Moghaddam

Chairman of the board -Chef Architect

Design team Members

Chef Architect: Sadio Moghaddam

Atoliye supervisor: Lilia Minasi

Architect: Sabin Hooshi

Architect: Fateme Sadeghi

Architect: Niki Pashai

Architect: Siavash Asgari

Construction Team Members

Construction Supervisor: Farhad Razzaghi

Project Management: Sepide Mahdavi

Construction Management: Zhabin Hoseinzade

Construction Management: Kasra Biglari

Mechanical Team Member

Farshad Razzaghi

Marketing Team Members

Marketing Management: Ali Dadvaran

Marketing Consulting: Paria Karimi

International Relationship member

Delara Taji