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Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality is a technology in which a virtual environment is placed in front of the user’s eyes and interacts with the movement of the head and body of the virtual space. In other words, when a person installs the virtual reality headset on his head, he sees the environment that changes according to his position. so after a while the human mind accepts that it is in a real space.

A virtual reality environment is created in the virtual reality headset by its proprietary applications. Some of these environments are computer-based and 3D-based, and others include 360-degree video or images of real-world environments that have already been filmed. Virtual reality technology has make it possible for people to be able to see your location and facilities.

Most virtual reality environments are primarily visual experiences that are visible and experienced through a virtual reality headset. Some apps also have other sensory information like sound. Simulated environments can be either real life environments or completely different environments, such as those found in game environments.

We used this technology in the construction industry and we were able to make it possible for manufactures to have the ability to walk in their project and be able to customize the materials in these spaces to their own wills, and combine their ideals Also, this achievement in the building industry can also be  a guide for luxury project manufactures and enable them to presell their units and have the opportunity to choose their materials before project starts, they can also display the views of different classes, and all of this will happen even before the excavation.


virtual reality benefits in the construction industry

 -Creating the ability of moving in space to enhance the senses of spaces before project complement-

Creating the ability of changing materials individually and collectively will allow manufactures to pre-fabricated materials before they can make changes to the clients, Also, for clients who have made purchases, they will be able to choose among the choices they make for the materials they are looking for, before the final delivery

 For high-rise projects, this feature will be created to view each floor and make it easier for customers to choose, even when the excavation has not yet been completed-

this features allow designers to have more effective presentation to the client and prevent possible misunderstandings-

In general, this technology will affect the next generation of buildings, so join us-

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