Sepand Administrative Office

Sepand Administrative Office

Proper material selection, concentration to details in the design, Validate spaces with creative design, and Colorful and harmonious materials usage. This is a brief explanation of what is seen in this innovative design, limit is meaningless in our designing and our team try to find a proper solution for each space. With the coordination of the design team, the designer will not be unique with the company’s prior knowledge it will come true
Resolving all the request of employer in designing part or executive fulfilling all the demands of the employer, both in the design phase and in the implementation phase, is a feature that our portfolio proud of it. The design also includes office furniture such as a reception desk, tables and office wardrobes in a special and exclusive manner.

  • دسته بندی : Iran
  • تاریخ : بهمن 29, 1394
  • Designer : Sadio Moghaddam
  • Location : Iran