Parvane – Residential Appartment

Parvane – Residential Appartment

t is a collection of projects related to the participation in construction, which is under the heading of the investment company, whose policy is back to the 90’s. According to which the company decided to start the construction investment sector, which has begun projects this year and this project is the most I successful project in this field. It is considered both in terms of investment and designing an acceptable project. In designing the materials and style of design, the designer has addressed the needs of native inhabitants, which has led the project to have a specific area of expertise, which is a firm step in the field of enterprise investment. The use of bricks, wind and metal stones in combination with the design and the use of the terrace to give a view of a residential building is one of the most important points in designing this project.

  • دسته بندی : Iran
  • تاریخ : دی 14, 1395
  • Designer : Marjan Farzian
  • Location : Iran