Simoon Blv
Simon BLV. Single House

Simon BLV. Single House

Pureness, this word have found concept in this project. The created environment for this villa has the lowest level of modernity in architecture which is the main reason of its attraction. The proper use of materials and attractive bumps and dents which by creating pure shadows, the living space has been enhanced.
The villa is based on a flat platform,the effect of which is evident on the roof of the project. And the glass that connects these two surfaces with extreme elegance and couragely drags out the outdoors. The outer space have so purity that it dictates the designer, which inside it also needs to be designed in the same way, which makes it possible to use inside neutral materials withhigh contrast, so that the greenery of the outside space is more than Everything has something to say that this is the same use of nature in interior decoration.

  • دسته بندی : Iran
  • تاریخ : دی 22, 1395
  • Designer : Farhad Hooshi
  • Location : Iran