آمفی تئاتر روباز خانه هنرمندان

آمفی تئاتر روباز خانه هنرمندان

A theme was introduced which was considered an attractive challenge in design and it was an Amphi theater on the roof of the project, different kind of subjects should be considered in designing like light structure Because this structure should be built on an old building and this issue caused to use wooden structure so because of this we couldn’t use text among it
Therefore, the manner in which the work was arranged and designed in the form of interconnected branches of the tree, the truss form of each branch and the control of these branches by cable were considered. To cover this roof, there were also plates that were styled with different heights over these branches, and the light and shadow dance created underneath this cover reminded the forests with a fairly full tree cover.

  • دسته بندی : Iran
  • تاریخ : دی 15, 1397